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Database Mining

Keep your prospects organized

We will work closely with you to create the most effective targeted list for both direct mail and email campaigns. Our reputation and expertise are built in the database-mining arena by providing you with the ability to reach new clients, retain current ones and reestablish relationships with those who have defected from a your dealership.

We will merge and integrate your data with sources such as Polk Data Resources, National Insurance lists and registered vehicles in your market to create a comprehensive database platform for your marketing campaigns. This unique merging of multiple data sources will create an exceptional mixture of client names, allowing your company to create the most effective and valuable marketing campaigns. Once your campaign is complete, we will provide you with a proprietary market research report which will demonstrate the true effectiveness of the campaign, highlighting key data such as email open rates, undeliverable and bounce rates. We also provide the ability to track specific campaigns at your dealership via bar code tracking.

At AutoGraphics we provide you with the ability to verify the precision and effectiveness of your ROI (return on investment) from your marketing efforts. Our process directly ties the client purchasing cycle to specific marketing promotions, allowing you to see exactly how your marketing campaign affects your ROI. We deliver a personalized one-on-one, vendor-to-dealer experience, and our pricing for these services is well below competitors like Reynolds and Reynolds. All of our database mining processes are directly integrated into email, direct mail and all other marketing activities which provide our clients with a seamless process for creating a cohesive and successful marketing strategy.